Referencia: ZX-063275

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IB-HUB1410-C3 is a 4x USB 3.0 hub that can easily connect to a USB 3.0 Type-C port on your laptop or PC. It is a small device and the integrated USB 3.0 cable allows you to use it without carrying extra cabling and enables the use of several USB 3.0 devices simultaneously.


Número de salidas 1
Entrada USB 3.0
Número de entradas 4
Tipo USB3.0
Alimentación A través de USB
Color Negro
Materiales Aluminium
Interruptores 4x USB A Hembra
  1x USB
Número de puertos USB 4-Port
Sistema Operativo Mac
  Windows 10
  Windows 2000
  Windows 7
  Windows 8
  Windows Vista
  Windows XP


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