Gravity TLS 431 B

Stand de iluminación turística con base de acero cuadrado

Referencia: ZX-081032

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Well equipped to handle the daily grind and time constraints of touring: That's the TLS 431 B light stand from the Gravity Touring Series. Its heavy steel base featuring three M20 female threads for off-centre installation guarantees a firm footing in all circumstances, whereas two integrated handles make it easy to transport. In comparison to the standard series, the base is slightly smaller, but it still offers the same amount of stability. The added bonus here is that it can now also be used as a divider in Transflex cases. The base-to-pole connection has been made stronger by adding a reinforcing sleeve to prevent wobbling. With the 35 mm extension tube featuring a M10 female thread, the stand can be extended in height up to 2.40 meters. Thanks to the automatic LockPin® technology, it has never been easier to adjust the height of a stand. Because the pin automatically snaps into the holes when adjusting upwards, a separate locking pin is no longer necessary.

Tipo de productoSoportes y trípodes
TipoSoportes para luces
Material del tubosAcero
Color de tuboNegro
Superficie de tuboRecubierto de polvo
Altura mínima1430 mm
Altura máxima2420 mm
Longitud de transporte1430 mm
Altura ajustableAutomático LockPin
Material de la baseAcero
Material del sistema de ajuste de alturaAcero
Dimensiones de la base (anchura x altura x profundidad)537 x 20 x 535 mm
Peso de la base12,35 kg
Capacidad de carga máxima25
Peso17 kg

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