Gravity LTS 01 B

Referencia: ZX-058781

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Sets disponibles con Gravity LTS 01 B

1x Pioneer DDJ-SX3 1x Gravity LTS 01 B
1099 €

Pioneer DDJ SX3 + Gravity LTS 01 B

  • Ligero
  • Robusto
  • Compacto
  • Ángulos ajustables

Revolutionizing the concept of notebook supports, this stand offers the best of all worlds. It is extremely stable yet lightweight and folds to a compact transport size within seconds. Also suitable for controllers such as Launchpad, Maschine or Push 2, the stand features eccentric locking clamps that facilitate quick and secure angle adjustment of both the non-slip rubberized support and base for optimum ergonomic setup. It comes with a table C-clamp and a middle tray which elegantly lock onto the pillar.

Tipo de productoSoportes y trípodes
TipoSoporte para Portátil
Fondo280 mm
Anchura260 mm
Altura270 mm
Peso1,6 kg

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